Li Mei Xing (ezqiinah) wrote in gideon_trilogy,
Li Mei Xing

Fanart: The Tar Man

Guaranteed to be the first of many.

Be happy it's just a plain character drawing, and not the other kind. You know what I'm talking about. D:

This was was drawn in Open Canvas over the course of a few days. As with all things I'm able to see at 200% magnification, I got to be REALLY anal about the details and any stray pixels. Also: I actually, OMG, did research into 18th century clothing!

And I even made an attempt at drawing, OMG x2, a man that looks like a man and isn't a hermaphrodite! I'm not entirely sure what he looks like, though. What I got was, other than the scar and his busted neck, he has black hair in "rats' tails", weather-beaten skin, and a large nose. But what I'm unsure of is his age; Peter, a 12-year old, describes him as "still quite young". And as 12-years olds think everyone over 30 is old, I'd imagine he's only a few years older than Gideon (21). Though, were I to go with my crazy conspiracy theory (see below), he'd probably have to be around 30. What'ev.
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