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The Tar Man: Chapter 01

I'd make a layout of my own, but since I'm the only one here, I'd rather not. Yes.

Anyway! Whilst tooling around the official site, I came across a PDF of the entire chapter one of the second book.


You can be sure I made quite a show of laughing and clapping my hands! It certainly makes up for the slow beginning of the first book. Can you say "Crazy police chase through London on the back of a stolen horse?" Or "Beating innocent passersby with an umbrella?" Oh my, yes!

I wonder who this guide he keeps mentioning is going to be? How about one of those historical tour guides, the kind what dress up in period costumes? Irony! As long as it's not some sassy 20-something who'll teach him how to love... but that may just be my bad!fic-fueled paranoia talking.

Well, uh. At least that's one good thing about your fandom not having any fan fiction (or fans). No poorly executed (<- that's like a pun, right?) original characters-- they can smell the possible angst a mile away! Nevermind that actually trying to change a brooding crazy person will most likely land you in a ditch somewhere.

But anyway! I'm still trying to figure when it's coming out. says June, says September, the official site says summer, and either way both are referring to the UK edition. I hope there isn't too much of a gap between the US and UK editions, because, well. The US edition is probably going to be a lot swankier looking.

I don't know how to end this entry!
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