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Post-book Rambling Party!

Whoo-sha! I had to stay up till 2 AM to do it, but I've finished it! Now, I'm sure you've heard of all the people who barreled through the _th Harry Potter book in one night, well, I can't do that. I gotta eat. Two days is a record for me, and I've probably only been able to do that for a couple other books. And now you get to hear about it!

I probably should have made this post when I first started, writing things down as I thought of them, because there's no way I'll be able to remember everything now. Which is good for you, but bad for me.

Have I mentioned that the Tar Man is possibly one of the greatest characters ever? Holy character development, Batman! It seems we're dealing with a writer who actually knows how to write 3-dimensional villains! That's a rare talent, right there, that is.

Is it weird that I'm going to miss his horrible, crippling, neck injury? Facial scars are a dime a dozen; that was like his trademark! Though I do find it rather amusing, considering the David Lewis comic on the official site. I wonder if that had any influence? xD

And, oh, put another crazy crazy nickname up on the board, Jimmy! Vega Riaza! My mom is what you would call a wine "afficionado", so of course I had to recommend it to her. Unfortunately, you can't buy wine over the internet or through catalogs, here in the great nation of Marylandonia, but there's bound to be a way around that.

Now, what can we say about Anjali? She's an uncouth, disrespectful, rapscallion. Thusly, she's awesome. <3 I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Anjali, but you know how that goes. I'm surprised I didn't realize that she would be Tom's love interest. Probably because I thought she'd be older. At least I was partially right in my prediction; she's definitely sassy. The whole thing between Tom and her was well handled, even though it was pretty much just one-sided. It didn't overshadow the main plot and we got to see Anjali outside of Tom's love-addled PoV, unlike certain other characters *coughginnycough*. That said, she'd better be in the next book. Don't leave me hanging!

And, oh, Tom. You adorable sad sack. What happened there? I knew what was going to happen to him way before I read the book, so I wasn't exactly shocked. But, still. Closure? Anybody? Next book? Okay. I'll be there.

I think my favorite scenes were the ones that involved the Tar Man, Anjali, and Tom (or any combination there of) just milling about, doing 21st century things. Really, it's probably a tie between the Tar Man trying to read (fulsome wenches!) and the whole 'airwaves' business (fanart of that forthcoming). Although the idea of the Tar Man texting anyone surely comes in a close second. IDK, my BFF Tom? Well, he IS illiterate, so I suppose he has an excuse.

I know I've already said it, but. Chapter twelve? CHAPTER TWELVE! Chapter twelve is made of GOOD and WIN. That's all I'm sayin'. Wait, no. The Tar Man assaulting homeless children? Awesome. The fact that the best he can come up with in regards to women problems is to talk about horses? Awesomer still. And how about the Marley-esque haunting of Lord Luxon?

But, oh. Ohohoho. YES. For once my inane ramblings have amounted to something! I clap my hands with glee! So, what's the deal, here? Why exactly would his relation to Gideon make Luxon want to hire him? I mean, as opposed to for his skills, which, I am informed, do indeed pay the bills. Is that like where your girlfriend breaks up with you, so you start dating her sister? Or something? If so, I can't imagine that went down too well over in the Luxon-camp. Oh, one of these things is not like the other! That Lord Luxon, eh? He's kind of a pimp, isn't he? I bet he has a cane and everything. Because, really, is thief keeping all that different? That's like one level down, at most. Really, now. Go look for any reference to Gideon's former trade, change some words around, omit some things; you'll know what I'm talking about. Go on, I'll wait.

Eh? No? Okay. But hey! How about that Lord Luxon? I wonder what his game is? Next book? Okay!

And another thing I was right about, sorta! Future-past Peter? Still in love with Kate. That's creepily adorable! So, non-illegal Kate/Peter? Next book? Okay!

Now, about that actual plot? What the hell is going on I don't know somebody help me out here! AHH! Has future-past Peter disappeared for definite? What's with Kate's totally random time travel side effects? Does it have to do with how many times you go back and forth? If so, would her dad have the same problem? All I know is, they'd better not go back in time and undo everything that's happened since book one! I'll have none of that!

And, hey! What do you know! It's Gideon, everybody! Let's all give him a hand for... that... cameo. No wonder "The Gideon Trilogy" isn't the official-official title! I think I was right; they really did just dump him off at an old folks home. I mean, he was writing his memoirs and everything. That's what you do at old folks homes! Really, that's the only thing that disappointed me-- the severe lack of Gideon. What happened there? I need more Gideon-related character development!

Although, I did learn a couple of interesting things. Number one, apparently and as far as we're told, 1792-verse-Gideon never married, nor had children. And let's keep it that way, current-1763-verse-Gideon. (Yeah. We need names for all these alternate realities.)

Number two? Gideon dances like a girl. Page 391.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

All in all? Good times, man, good times. I'd even go so far to say it was better than the first book. A rare thing, indeed.

So now, I bid you adieu, as I am off to compile a list of all the lines that can be considered innuendo, when taken horribly out of context. Most of them involve Lorn Luxon. Tally-ho!
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