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Sedgewickè K.G. Lee

Haha, I just realized that I never posted about my DC-going experience. I have it all written down, it's just not on me right now. But didn't I at least link to this? It's my claim to intertube fame, after all!


I approve! Though I am slightly troubled by the fact that my rendition of him is LESS pretty than this one. You heard me-- I prettied down a character for once. It's a world gone mad!

I'm also slowly going insane by all the different titles that have been applied to these books/this series. Let's see, we've got...

The Gideon Trilogy
Gideon the Cutpurse
The Tar Man
The Enlightenment of Pete Schock
The Time Travelers
The Time Thief
And now, The Time Quake Trilogy

So, 2 different titles for each book and 3 different titles for the series. *dies*

Also, the first book came out in Japan recently. Which I can only hope means crazy gay porn comics. Don't you let me down, Japan! You owe me for creating the deranged anime fan!
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