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Once more with feeling!

Here's the part where I try to form legible thoughts. CAN IT BE DONE!?

/ Is it possible, perhaps, for me to get a little consistency in editions up in here? First book? Original American edition, with the eyeballs all over. Second book? Hardcover UK edition, because I couldn't wait 5 minutes for the US version. Third book? US hardcover, because I wasn't quite as on the ball as last year, didn't pre-order-- but the design work is better, so it's cool.

How can I describe the level of trauma involved in finally finishing a book series? I get it bad enough, finishing a one-off book, but a series that I've been following and obsessing over for three years? There ought to be a support group for these kinds of things! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a few cropped up around the end of Harry Potter-- that covered, what? Eight, nine years?

/ And you know what makes everything more traumatic? Time travel. I'm still trying to figure out how many parallel universes we're dealing with here-- the ones we're told about, at least. I've narrowed it down thus far:

The Time Travel Universe (T) - Where most of the story takes place; the one everyone's trying to fix.
The 92 Universe (92) - Where Peter gets left in 1763, grows up, gets into more time traveling shenanigans 30 years later.
The Perretti Universe (P) - Wherever Dr. Perretti's alternate self comes from.
The Luxon Universe (L) - The T universe, after Lord Luxon frags everything up.
The Undone Universe (U) - The universe created by preventing the original time travel event.

And many, many more. If I missed any important ones, let me know. Of course, God only knows how many different ways the T universe could be chopped up and subdivided.

/ Now. Can we talk about how stupid Lord Luxon is? Good Lord, man! Even after all his villainous deeds, the one thing that really convinced me that this guy was No Good was the fact that he doesn't read books. He can! He's not illiterate, he just doesn't like to. The words make his head hurt. Not even the trashy best sellers with the great big font for the author's name?

Maybe if he had cracked a book open once in a while, he would have realized just how profoundly idiotic his entire plan was.

1) Go to future, see how awesome it is.
2) Go back in time, buy up land in the colonies.
3) Stop the War for Independence.
4) ????

Yes, yes, New York is lovely, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if you could own it? I know! You could go back in time, buy it, and then make sure America never becomes a country! And then you can go Back to the Future and bask in the wonders of your newly acquired city, just like it was when you first saw it!


Did he really think that a New York raised as a city in a far-off, backwater British colony would be anything like the New York that was raised as a major metropolitan area in an independent country? That is... I don't think I even have words for it. He could have made a killing, just selling antiques to rich old people, but no-- it was never, never, never enough. Had to go destroy hundreds of years and millions of lives. Fun fact: I'm the kid of a 2nd-gen Polish-American and a 1st-gen Chinese-American. How much you want to wager that I WOULD NOT EXIST if it weren't for America? Because, yeah. That combination is totally gonna crop up somewhere else.

/ Did he even do any research about the time in between the Revolution and the present day? Did he even once think about how the entire world would be affected by the destruction of a major world power?

/ Oh, and WWI? I wonder how that would have turned out? My understanding of the situation (if anyone can really claim to understand the cluster fuck that was the Great War) was that American involvement was a major turning point in deciding the outcome of the war, thanks to the addition of millions of new soldiers (a number you probably wouldn't find in America the Colony) who hadn't spent the last year waist-deep in gangrene and trench fluids. Had the US remained a British colony, American soldiers probably would have been brought in right away, which, sure, will give you more guys, but they would have been worn out alongside the rest of the Allied forces. Trench warfare is good like that: all bets say you're gonna get killed the second you go over the top, but even if you don't, you'll still end up getting your soul crushed. The UK had the power of Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and countless African colonies behind them. What would one more colony do?

No word on the outcome in the L universe, although if France is still alive, my guess is that the Allies won, or that the Central Powers didn't get to take everything over. Which leads me to the sequel-- World War Two: Electric Boogaloo! Would WWII have happened if Germany came out on top? Probably not. But the question is, would the Holocaust, or something like it, still have had a chance of occurring in a universe without the post-war anger and economic depression to make scapegoating and finger-pointing all the more easy? And what of Japan? This is beyond my areas of expertise-- best ask someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

Oh, dammit Luxon, if your stupidity somehow prevented the Holocaust and the invention/use of the atomic bomb, I don't even. Of course, Japan's war crimes will probably still stand, if not be increased, with no America around to get in its way and eventually end end its reign of terror (with its own rain of terror). Did I mention that my family would probably still be living in mainland China at this point? Yeeeaaah. Also: canicide. Not cool, man. Not cool.

But, wait, wasn't I talking about a book or something?


/ It's interesting to see how much Kate has changed since the first book. Remember when Peter went off with Gideon, and had to leave her behind because big skirts and horses don't mix? And the huge angry fit she threw when she got a hold of him? Compare to now, when Peter leaves her behind at the fair, because she was too ill to keep up, where any number of horrible things could have happened to her (almost getting her fingers cut off, for example). Her reaction? It's all cool-- no worries, mate. Here, in a situation where she would have been totally justified in hauling off on anyone she could get her hands on. I suppose with all the madness she's gone through in between then and now has tempered her. I mean, who wants to spend time arguing when you don't know if you or your friends are even going to be around the next day?

Jeez, I sure wish I knew how segues worked.

/ Can I call it, or can I call it? Show me the body, I say! Ain't no one dying on my watch until I hear a "He's dead, Jim"! Mice are the best medicine! And Anjali-- what am I seeing, here? Just what are you wearing? Gold chains, giant sunglasses-- and I hope that's not a tracksuit we're talking about here. Just throw in one of those gard-awful bang poofs (you know the ones!), and you'll be workin' the full on chav look. I'm still not sure if this is completely terrifying or completely awesome.

/ HeyheyCATFIGHT, yeah! Take off your shirt! *chucks a ha'penny*

/ Now, can someone explain to me, preferably with illustrations, just what went down in the Tar Man's house? Why did Parson Ledbury and Sir Richard come busting in after Gideon? Where was the Tar Man hiding? (I like to think above the door frame) Why was Sir Richard aiming at Gideon? But more importantly, just how is it possible to fail so hard at a shakedown? Try harder next time!

/ Oh. OH! "Like a zombie in a horror movie," eh? Don't think I didn't see what you did there!

/ "Won't have to visit me every Sunday for tea? Well, we'll just see about that!"
The Tar Man: Contrary for contrary's sake. I would pay money.

/ You know what time it is? That's right! Wacky family road trip time! Hijinks! God, I loved this chapter. Arguing over who gets to drive, the Tar Man acting like a 5-year-old, making faces at Gideon when he's not looking-- I'm surprised it didn't devolve into a "I'm not touching you!"-style incident.

/ And then. THEN! One of the most powerful moments in the entire series, encapsulated in one word:

This. This was me, that day and for all days:

And the gravy? There was a'plenty.

"I would believe you.

"Like the rest of the world..."

"Put your arm around my shoulders."

"Trust me-- you will be astonished!"

"Touch your nose!"

"You and your pretty face!

And then. And then. When Gideon is about to be left behind, to be beaten with sticks in a soggy crypt?

But it was the Tar Man who grabbed hold of Gideon's arm and hauled his brother toward them....

He cared little for farewells, and he cared even less to see the look of relief on Gideon's face at his going.

And when he's about to make off with the machine (again), he stops and calls for Gideon, even though he had no reason to. No reason other than ~BROTHERLY LOVE~, of course. I'm feelin' it, are you feelin' it?!

/ And now, a comedic interlude.

Will Gideon ever get to see a telephone? My sources (pg. 437) say yes indeed! Too bad it had to be, well. You know. But what of the police car that goes nee-naw, nee-naw? Yeah, they only send those after people who call Nine! Nine! Nine! when there isn't an emergency.

Oh, Gideon. You silly.

/ As the 11th hour rolled around, I came to the conclusion: if anything frags up Kate and Peter's and/or Gideon and the Tar Man's relationship, I'mma gonna have to throw down. Well, good news and bad news! The good news is, nobody died, and nobody got lost in time. The bad news is, in order to fulfill the requirements of the good news, time and space is gonna have to take another beating, and it ain't gonna be pretty. 

I mean, sure, both Kate and Peter are alive and well. They also happen to be the exact same people they were at the very start of book one. That's nearly as bad as death! The time traveling adventures! The character development! The BFF ribbon! The memories and lessons that would last a lifetime! All gone! I am made sad! Of course, they still have a chance to become Best Friends Forever. Hell, they could end up getting married and raising a flock of ginger kids! But it wouldn't be the same! You can't just rebuild that sort of relationship out of nothing; not the kind that makes a 12-year-old boy hold hands with a girl like it's no big thing. Not in peace time! That's the sort of love that's forged on the battlefield! *ARMS!*

And yes, I do realize that I'm ARM!ing over a boy/girl relationship. THIS IS A RARE SIGHT INDEED! Frankly, I fear for my health.

/ But what of Gideon and Nathaniel (AH!)? Where will they go? What will they do? Logically, they should end up back in Universe L, as that was their point of orig-- OH WAIT, NO. All the parallel universes were destroyed when Universe U was created, right? Right!? So, wouldn't they also end up back where they started in 1763, before any of this had happened? 

BUT! Dr. Perretti says that they're still around somewhere and they remember everything! Does that mean Universe L is still around, even though, according to Perretti, Universe P isn't? Or does it mean that they went back to pre-Universe T 1763, but somehow managed to retain their memories of everything in between, assumably?

And here's a question: once the events needed to create Universe U were set into motion, why did Universe T!Peter disappear instantly, while G&N faded away gradually? Was the fading due to their universe being undone, as with Peter, or simply because they were losing their grip on Universe U and were falling back into Universe L (or wherever)? That seems to be how blurring (or whatever you want to call the Tar Man's technique) works, a gradual fade back. Buuut, Universe L isn't supposed to exist anymore, so you'd think they would just get undone like Peter. But they didn't. So, Universe L still exists. I don't even know.

Even more confusing, how is it that Gideon, Nathaniel, and Perretti are able to remember, when Peter, Kate, and the rest can't? (Or can they?) What is it about them that's unlike everybody else? God, I am so confuse.

/ And when I say "What happened to the mouse", what I mean is what happened to Tom? Is he stuck being the sad sack whipping boy that he was in the beginning? Dude. That is harsh.

I gotta say. I haven't been punched in the gut by a book in a looong time. Oh, to be emotionally invested! The story, the characters, everything-- I love it. How did you do that? Was it voodoo? Witchcraft? Because I wept, man.

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