Sedgewickè K.G. Lee (teraghast) wrote in gideon_trilogy,
Sedgewickè K.G. Lee


Hahaha-- I am a clever mongoose, am I not? Actually, I'm just a jerk.

Click for long, rambling descriptions.

Meanwhile, I wonder. There's something, somewhere, in book 2 that mentions that the disappearance of Gideon's brother wouldn't be the last, nor the worst, of his losses. So I assume-- wife? Kid? Curses, I say! Ah, well, I guess I can cross "Gideon: Confirmed Bachelor" off my list of Crackpot Theories That Just Might Work Out.

But I could've sworn, what with his natural grace and all...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tags: art
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Excellent art! I especially love the back to back of Gideon and Nathaniel!!